Portfolio "Fonds AAA FX 1"


Solidary Markets FX is proud to announce our cooperation with Fonds AAA FX1 (an Alternative Investment Hedge Fund based in Luxemburg)

Fonds AAA FX1 will invest in a portfolio created by the SMFX´s Team and tailored to their specific needs while seeking for steady profits and big stability in the mid-long term.

It is a unique combination of different strategies exploding various market inefficiencies which has been statistically demonstrated is giving a consistent edge in trading the currencies market.


Characteristics of the Fund:

  • Type of Hedge Fund: Registered Alternative Investment Hedge Fund.
  • Country: Luxemburg.
  • Type of Investor: Qualified or Professional investors.
  • Mínimum ticket: 125.000 EUR.
  • Administrative fee: 0.3% per year.
  • Management fee: 2% per year.
  • Performance fee: 30% calculated yearly based on the "High Watermark" principle.
  • Capital protection: Yes. There is an insurance covering potencial looses after selling the fund participation at the end of the third year . The insurance is offered by MGI Captive Fund optionally for any fund's subscriber.



Trading objectives / Profit goals / Risk Management:

  1. Expected yearly profit: From 25% to 40% gross (*)
  2. Expected profit after 3 years operation: From 70% to 100% gross (*)
  3. Máximum estimated drawdown: 20% of balance.
  4. Maximum estimated relative drawdown: 25% of balance.
  5. Security global Stop level: 30% of balance.
  6. Estimated number of trades per year: 8.000 to 20.000 (depending on market conditions)
  7. Estimated max loss per trade: From 0.2% to 5% (The 0.2% corresponding to some higher frequency systems while the 5% to some swing positional trading with very few deals a year)
  8. Number of simultaneous strategies running in the portfolio: 5.

(*) Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Strategies included in the Portfolio Fonds AAA FX 1

  1. Surfer Evolution C: Medium term trend follower.
  2. Surfer Evolution A: Short term trend continuation scalper.
  3. Surfer Evolution B: Mid-term basket trading based in micro tendency analysis.
  4. Surfer Evolution D: Micro counter trend strategy based in cycle’s theory.


Traded currencies: EURUSD, GBPUSD + Majors + Minors+ Indexes + Metals


Trading conditions:

  • The trading will be made in a specific account type created for Fund AAA FX 1 at Solidary Markets FX.
  • The Portfolio is connected to multiple Liquidy Providers in USA and Europe as: IS Prime Limited, Advanced Markets, Sterling Gent, FIXI Ltd, etc..
  • Spreads: Variable with a max of 3 pips in EURUSD and majors and an average of 2.3 pips (**)
  • Execution time: Around 200 to 800 ms
  • Trading platform: Metaquotes MT4 and Brokeree PAMM systemServers
  • Servers Location: London LD5

(**) In European and USA sessions, the trading cost is measured as the combination of raw spreads and volume fee giving as a result the above mentioned numbers.



Risk Profile: High

The data above is related to potential gains and/or losses and it’s nature is purely informational and statistical. The information is based on estimates taking into consideration what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Forex trading is a high risk activity to be carried out only and exclusively with capital that if lost will not compromise our financial situation in any way.

How to Subscribe to the Fund?

Please send us an email to portfolios@solidarymarkets.com and we will give you the Fund's contact information.


Risk Warning:

The Fund "Fonds AAA FX 1" is exclusively offered to Qualified and Professional investors. The client should go through a client categorization process before being allowed to join the Fund. Do not ask for information about the Fund if you are not matching the criteria for Qualified or Professional investors under the Luxemburg legislation.

Trading in forex markets with margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all individuals. The high degree of leverage offered by the currency markets can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding when to trade in the currency markets you should carefully consider your investment goals, experience level and your risk appetite.


Portfolio Fonds AAA FX 1