Managed Accounts vs. Synergy Trading Project
-The Proffesional Social Trading-

Social Trading is a phenomenon of our times.

Forex market and trading is also well known as one of the ultimate sources of income

Many people want to participate in the potential profits that Forex markets can provide but they realize very quickly that their lack of acknowledge may lead to serious potential losses.
What then if we may simply partake of the professional traders know-how to anticipate the market and make our operation successful from the very beginning?

This is what we are offering with our Manager Accounts and Portfolios. To copy or emulate the successful trading of the professionals in a normal persons account.

And how does this differ from traditional Social Trading?

The main difference is that Solidary Markets FX is going to SELECT the Portfolios to be offered in order to guarantee criteria of quality.
We will only offer professional performance for professional results.
It does not mean that every one of the Portfolios will have the same personality and risk profile.
They will all be different.

Solidary Markets FX will provide a comprehensive information about the situation, risk and profitability of each of the Portfolios. In both historical and real time.

Even if the techniques associated with some of the Portfolios may be extremely sophisticated the analysis of the performance has to be kept simple so that ourclients can understand it well.

The Professional investor will also be glad to take part in our Portfolios as they provide a very powerful tool for diversification.

This is the new frontier in Social Trading:

Professional Social Trading with Solidary Markets FX.


  • Funds kept in Segregated Accounts in world-class banks.
  • No withdrawal fees, limits or penalties.
  • Full transparent operation with up to date results.
  • You may deposit, partially withdraw, cancel the account, etc., at any moment without restrictions of any kind.
  • You control your account in real time with your own trading platform on your computer.
  • The Portfolios are run a highly secure VPS server with more than 99.9% connection time.
  • Total confidentiality at all times.

Synergi Trading Project


Trading Synergy Project is not a portfolio nor Managed Account in itself but a concept. It is a simple method by which the trader / client according his /her criteria can choose between two or more signals of our portfolios or strategies, set up an individual risk level for each portfolio and add them in only one account.

Trading strategy: Being a basket of independent strategies well find legitimate trading of different styles. Arbitrage is excluded from our operations.

An exemple of what mentioned above: