A trading EA

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A Trading is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses Price Action strategy to detect the new trend and enter trade with fix take profit and stop loss every orders. It uses smart algorithms to adapt to all markets. This EA can work successfully with any brokers and spreads. This EA always uses fix take profit and stop loss. No scalping, no martingale, no grid trading, no arbitrage. You can use EA with any brokers and spreads.

Patompong Junnil

Software engineer from Thailand specialized in the Forex market with over 10 years full time experience.

EA Features

   No standard indicators
   No scalping
   No martingale
   No grid trading
   No arbitrage
   Always uses fix stop loss and take profit
   No hedging
   No curve fitting according to backtest results
   User friendly

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Kittima Excellent ! EA looks very promising, with great support from developer.

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