Systems developed by Trading Code (*) for Solidary Market


Our mission is to help you change your life

The time you have in this world is finite, don´t waste it doing things you don´t like. When we buy something, we don´t buy it with money, we buy it with the life time we have spent to earn that money.

In the industrial revolution our educational system was created so that people would work in factories. But currently we don´t need robots, we need creativity and freedom. You have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to turn it into an incredible adventure.

With Solidary Markets you can get any of the Code Trading payment courses totally free.


How to qualify for this promotion

You only need to start participating in a PAMM account, created EXCLUSIVELY for this promotion.

Depending on the course you want to take, it is the minimum amount to start:


  • PRO CODE: € 1,000
  • ELITE CODE: € 2,500
  • VIP CODE: € 5,000
  • Customer money will always be available.
  • The client can always monitor their participation in the PAMM.


Advantages of this collaboration


  • Work on psychotrading.
  • Get benefits while you study.
  • Get the free course.
  • The trader is not required to trade on his own, without being able to do so.
  • There is no minimum volume set.
  • There is no permanence




  • Have a real account in SMFX
  • Participate in a special PAMM created EXCLUSIVELY for customers who qualify for this promotion.
  • The volume and performance generated by this account will be to amortize the payment of the course.
  • If the client decides to leave the PAMM, the missing cost of the course will be deducted from their trading account.


(*) Trading Code has no financial relationship with Solidary Markets clients and does not carry out any task of introducing clients to the broker.