SMFX Level Control

How to get your SMFX Level Control


Trading strategy: SMFX Level Control is based on regression to the average where positions are managed through hedging. The objective of the system is to widen the distance between opposing positions of the same instrument in order to increase the profit margin by focusing on trading positions with positive balance hedges.

The strategy is designed to have low DD and very stable performance. SMFX Level Control works in multiple currency crosses and therefore benefits from a hedged weighting effect between the different pairs that manage to give greater stability to trading.

Expected annual return: Between 40% to 150%(*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown (Expected max.relative drawdown) : 15%(*)

Performance fee: Variable according to the client balance based on the "High Water Mark" principle and depending on the obtained benefit.

Benefit from 0.1% to 4,99%30%
Benefit from 5% to 9,99%35%
Benefit from 10% and higher40%

Minimum capital requirement: 5000€

Maximum capital requirement: 1,000,000€ or higher under case by case study.

Maximum historical drawdown (Max. historical relative DD) : 15%

Safety limit (in floating equity loss ) to closure of all trades: 50%

Risk Profile


(*) The data above is related to potential gains and/or losses and it’s nature is purely informational and statistical. The information is based on estimates taking into consideration what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

The published data in the above lines regarding the Specifications about the profit/loss or safety limits characteristics of the PAMM are referred to the Master account driving the trades to the PAMM by an internal copy process.

Both Master account and PAMM accounts are set to a 1 to 1 risk factor and therefore the risk taken in the Master is exactly the risk taken in the PAMM.

It may happen that the PAMM values will not match the above numbers as the capital involved in the PAMM is variable and increasing/decreasing depending on deposits/withdrawals of the individual clients accounts.

The SMFX IT´s Team will be glad to answer your aquestions about this topic by email or skype.

In any disagreement case with the results of any account(s), clients should refer to us, via email to and request to close the open trades and/or disconnect from any of the systems.

No open trade will be closed by Solidary Markets NZ in order to achieve a certain level of profit or loss.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Forex trading is a high risk activity to be carried out only and exclusively with capital that if lost will not compromise our financial situation in any way.