SMFX Ivory High Return

How to get your SMFX Ivory High Return


Trading strategy: The Ivory High Return SMFX System is based on the application of the signals generated in Solidary Markets NZ.

The system consists of taking advantage of the market movements by specifying the inputs and looking for the maximum of pips in its operation. The system is based on the combination of trading techniques with indicators applied to formulas of price representation.

Expected annual return: Between 300% to 500%(*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown (Expected max.relative drawdown) : 50%(*) or higher

Performance fee: 30%

Minimum capital requeriment: 500€

Maximum capital allowed: 1,000,000€ or higher under case by case study.

Maximum risk per trade: There is no maximum loss limitation other than that determined by the Margin Call and Stop Out conditions of the account itself.

Maximum historical drawdown (Max. historical relative DD) : 16.8%

Risk Profile


(*) The data above is related to potential gains and/or losses and itÕs nature is purely informational and statistical. The information is based on estimates taking into consideration what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

In any disagreement case with the results of any account(s), clients should refer to us, via email to and request to close the open trades and/or disconnect from any of the systems.

No open trade will be closed by Solidary Markets NZ in order to achieve a certain level of profit or loss.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Forex trading is a high risk activity to be carried out only and exclusively with capital that if lost will not compromise our financial situation in any way.