SMFX Private Equity Fund

How to get your SMFX Private Equity Fund


Trading Strategy: Private Equity Fund it’s a merge of different strategies. They are weighted in order their profit production will add and their DD will subtract. As an example we have found that SMFX Trend Scalper or SMFX Surfer Evolution are actually very much uncorrelated so the periods of DD in SMFX Surfer Evolution results in high profit periods in SMFX Trend Scalper. However the profit periods in SMFX Surfer Evolution does not means SMFX Trend Scalper its loosing. The combination is really powerful.

The strategies participating are:

  • SMFX Surfer Evolution: 1:1
  • SMFX Trend Scalper: 0.6:1

The client has also the possibility to order a custom tailored different proportion which will give more or less power to some of the systems. We consider however that this combination is very safe and well balanced

Expected annual return: Between 60% to 120%(*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown (Expected max.relative drawdown) : 18%(*)

Performance fee: 30% on profits on accounts based on the “High Water Mark” principle.

Minimum capital requeriment: 100.000€

Maximum capital allowed: 50,000,000€ or higher under case by case study.

Maximum risk for trade: An average of 4 to 8 trades will be opened under normal market conditions, when the market moves a lot or is High volatility that can go up to 20 operations simultaneously with a maximum DD between 4-5%.

Maximum historical drawdown (Max. historical relative DD) : 5%

Private Equity Fund Rebate

These are the rebates (commissions) that generated the strategy shown above SMFX Private Equity Fund.

The SMFX Private Equity Fund strategy has been designed not only to produce profits on invested capital, but to generate high commissions are received by the same investor and also its introducing broker (IB).

Please take note that the results shown in SMFX Private Equity Fund are net and therefore have already been discounted commissions.