Solidarity The Solidary Concept Trading for the World

Trading for the World

Solidary Markets Fx was born as the first Broker with a solidarity vocation. During this time we have developed an operation consisting of raising funds for organizations with solidarity character.

Now we go one step further with an innovative spirit to create a new form of solidarity.

What would happen if a Forex Broker would put real money accounts at the disposal of a world class team of traders?

Possibly that team of traders could make that account grow at an amazing rate.

And what would happen if the forex broker and team of traders decided not to charge for their work and give away their expertise for the purpose of making that account a great source of income for Solidarity causes?

Then wed be talking about the project "Trading for the world"!

It is so simple and yet so shocking: Between Solidary Markets Fx and and team of traders who works selflessly in the project have created an active source of income to be devoted to charitable causes. Our goal? Very ambitious: To reach a million dollars within three years. An ambitious challenge for which we are prepared and excited.

We will look into projects and decide where to allocate the amount generated. In September 2016 we will officially announce the exact destination of the amount generated and proceed with delivery.

We call upon the best professional Forex traders to join "Trading for the World".

If you are a professional trader and can demonstrate consistent results on your work we invite you to contact us and see how you can help with "Trading for the World".