Solidarity The Solidary Concept Trading for the World

The concept of Solidarity in Forex

We have said before that 35 million lots are traded daily in the Forex market. That equates to an amount greater than 3.5 trillion dollars. Obviously this isahuge amount of money.

Could we get a share of this economic movement was dedicated to humanitarian issues?

We believe so.

Every day brokers and traders make this business a profitable source of income. This seems really great and wish to remain so. Since we are so fortunate to have a very powerful business tool are somehow privileged in our time.

Wouldnt be logical to also think about sharing a part of what we get by trading to those who, by millions on the planet, do not even have the opportunity to participate in the activities of our first world?

Solidary Markets has reached an agreement with other financial market professionals who work with us to support the work and projects of proven track solidarity organizations. Through our project “Trading for the world" can do daily monitoring of how the Solidarity Fund generated in Solidary Markets grows.