SMFX MobileTrader

Let me know if this happened to you in your trading carrerr:

Have you ever been outside of your home or office for a short or long period of time, you have no access to any computer or laptop and you realize that in 10 minutes some events will be going out and you dont want to lose those pips?

You will miss that chance because there is no way yo can access to your trader account.

Very frustrating, Isnt it?

But thanks to SMFX MobileTrader this wont happen anymore.
Wherever you are: Out with your friends, at a meeting, out with your family...

Just get your mobile (Iphone, Android or Windows) or with your tablet.
Your SMFX account will be there so you can place orders, modify, close, etc.

Whatever you desire!!!

With a fantastic resolution and with the option to be custumized.
Find out this mobile trading world with SMFX MobileTrader

Advantages of SMFX MobileTrader

The mobile/tablet platforms from SMFX allow our clients to trade from any mobile device just by using WIFI or standard conection.

The system has been developed in order to maximize the trader experience on a smaller screen without the compromise and complexity of a native app.

It will support your ipad, ipad2, ipad mini, Windows phone, iphone 3G, etc. Also your 2.2 Android device. Also will support retina and high density screen.

Every client will be able to stablish or modify the positions just by using their rmobile or tablet. Just click up or down to every individual digit and easily send your modification. Get inside the modification screen and graphs with just one tap.‏