Platform: PHP Metatrader 5

Metatrader5 has been updated and allows trading similar to or better than Metatrader 4

Solidary Markets has the highest execution speed in the world in Metatrader 5

Orders go directly to the real 100% STP/ECN liquidity

Due to the loading of accounts trading on the MT5 server we find the following additional benefits:

  1. MT5 has an optimized, more powerful and precise processing speed.
  2. MT5 now allows unlimited hedging.
  3. If you have traded in MT4 you will find it very easy to trade MT5.
  4. Nearly 40 built-in indicators.
  5. You have a window to see the depth of the market (If the symbol has market depth)
  6. You can create your own ExpertAdvisor (EAs)
  7. You will have more tools and additional indicators
  8. Economic agenda to keep up to date on economic events
  9. Perhaps the biggest difference with MT4 is in the back tests, as they are more accurate, where you can join several currency pairs together to check the results with a higher accuracy of an EA.
  10. Economic calendar, keep up to date on the most relevant economic events.