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The Platform: Solidary Markets Metatrader 4

If there is a unique platform to be considered standard worldwide, that is MT4. For many years has been the traders favorite.

Solidary Markets FX has an agreement with the company Financial Solutions PHP to use their advanced platform.

We desire to offer to our clients the MAXIMUM MT4 EXECUTION SPEED in the world.

Why SMFX Metatrader 4 is the fastest in the world

Our 4 Reasons

  1. The infrastructure where the server is installed MT4 works totally oversized in relation to the basic requirements of any standard MT4 server. It is one of the basic requirements of any standard MT4 server. It is one of the only in the world that works EXCLUSIVELY with solid state memory SSD and not with traditional hard drives. This provides a simply remarkable speed.
  2. The proximity of the servers SMFX Metatrader 4 with the computer systems of the liquidity providers. Prime broker and banks. Ping values ranging from 0 to 1 ms wich cause no delays to occur in the execution of trade, makin the execution super fast.
  3. The best kept secret of Broker´s on the speed in MT4? They will never admit their servers are working with a charge level / very high saturation. Why? For an economic issue, they wait as much as possible to have their servers overloaded before buying new. In Solidary Markets FX we have clearly opted to go for speed as a customer service tool. Our server is maintained at very low occupancy levels. At the time that the speed is committed simply add another server to maintain quality of the service.
  4. As result: the timing of execution orders that can reach 50 ms.