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Solidary Markets FX MAM / PAMM

SMFX MAM / PAMM is a program that allows us to operate multiple accounts at the same time. A must use tool for money managers as it allows in a dynamic form, to follow up on accounts, open, close, modify and eliminate positions simultaneously.
This tool was designed to give money managers an edge in terms of risk management, efficiency and time management on trade execution. It allows an effective management of multiple account from one trading account.
SMFX MAM / PAMM was designed to obtain maximum flexibility and trade execution. Hundreds of accounts can be simultaneously operated with one click and without delays.
SMFX MAM / PAMM is compatible with all Expert Advisors and allows money managers to create their own trade strategies.


  • Simultaneous operation for an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Follow up on open trades, balances and margin level for each account.
  • 3 methods for volume allocation between clients:
    1. Lot allocation
    2. Balance allocation.
    3. Percentage determined by the Money Manager.
  • All Expert Advisors EAs are welcome.
  • It allows all type of orders: Market, Stop and Limit.