Telegram conector

Tell me if this sounds familiar

Your signal provider sends a signal to your Telegram channel. You try to copy the signal parameters. They quickly tell you that you need to sort that trade and the provider sends a signal again, but you can’t copy it!

Whether for various reasons: because you are away from home, you don’t have your MT4 or simply because you don’t have a good internet connection … it turns out that this trade is a winning one and unfortunately you can’t profit from it because you couldn’t copy it. By now, we firmly believe that you have realized how wonderful it can be to be able to copy all signals automatically.

The solution is

Telegram Connector

TelegramConnector is a software that allows you to connect your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 with the Telegram group where you receive trading signals. This software eliminates all the tedious manual work and takes copies of the trades that your signa! provider publishes fully automatically.

All in all, Telegram Connector will make your life easier, copying signals to your MT4 / MT5 while you relax in your daily activities.


No signal loss

Instant execution

Risk management

Copy the TP & SL

Telegram Connector in action


Copied signs


Missed signals


Step 1

Your customers subscribe to the channel.

Step 2

Your subscribers start receiving signals.

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