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SMFX Get Value

Monthly profit



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Trading Strategy

System based on a variant of grid with a slight martingale, but with very specific characteristics that differentiate it from all the others.

• The entry levels are very separated between them, with small trades and subsequent new entries are increasing in volume very smoothly, so we do not compromise margin or float and also allows us to support large stretches against our initial entry.
• Unlike traditional “grid” systems, Get Value also positions in favor of the trend, creating a kind of headging and getting winning trades while we wait for the reversal in favor of our initial position.
• From time to time, all positions are closed by closing the grid, assuming in some cases a small loss, and from then on we start a new cycle, thus not dragging floats for a long time.
• Get Value works with two pairs at the same time, which limits and limits the risk very well, and facilitates management.

Expected annual return:
Between 30% to 60%(*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown
(Expected max.relative drawdown) : 20%(*)

Performance fee:
30% on profits on accounts based on the “High Water Mark” principle.

Minimum capital requirement:

Maximum capital allowed:
NO limit

Max. historical relative DD (Max. historical relative DD):

Risk Profile


The above data are related to possible profits and/or losses and are purely informative and statistical in nature. the information is based on estimates. Taking into account what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

The data published in the above lines on the specifications on PAMM profit/loss or security limits refer to the master account that drives trades to PAMM through an internal copying process.