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Trading Strategy

Our approach to the Forex market is a mix of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. This is supported with good risk management and strong psychology which are necessary for long-term success.

Before opening any trade, we undertake a fundamental analysis by reading all news from the market and checking the economic calendar. Sources we use to collect this information are: Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Dow Jones Newswire among others.

To understand the economies of the various countries we use data including: GDP, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment rates. We believe the economic health of a nations economy is an important factor in the value of its currency.

We watch and listen very carefully to what chairman of the Fed Jerome Powell, BOE GOV Mark Carney, ECB President Christine Lagarde and other central bankers have to say. Often during their speaches we do not make any trades because they sometimes have a high impact on the market.

After we make our fundamental analysis, we look at charts and make our technical analysis. We use indicators such as: ADX, RSI, Fibonacci, Japanese Candlestick Patterns and Moving Averages. Checking trends on higher time frames, drawing trend lines, and looking for strong support and resistance.

Every trade we make using technical indicators needs to have support in fundamentals. Fundamentals give the wind at the backs of our open trades. This is why we stated at the beginning that our trading strategy is a mix of technical and fundamental analysis.

Also, we using tools as Expert Advisors and Scripts which help us to open and close orders faster.

Expected annual return:
Between 90% to 180%(*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown
(Expected max.relative drawdown) : 25%(*)

Performance fee:
40% on profits on accounts based on the “High Water Mark” principle.

Minimum capital requierment:

Maximum capital allowed:
1,000,000€ or higher under case by case study.

Safety limit (in floating equity loss ) to closure of all trades:

Risk Profile


The above data are related to possible profits and/or losses and are purely informative and statistical in nature. the information is based on estimates. Taking into account what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

The data published in the above lines on the specifications on PAMM profit/loss or security limits refer to the master account that drives trades to PAMM through an internal copying process.