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Holon Fibo Trend

Monthly Profit



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Trading Strategy

This strategy currently invests in the SP500 index, both in purchases and sales, for this we use an expert advisor (semi-automatic) that operates profitably.
Inside it are thousands of lines of code that shape an Advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, capable of detecting movements in both buying and selling.
Its quantitative strategy based on Fibo-Fractals and upper and lower holons of the market makes it analyze all day, 5 days a week, being able to generate returns ranging between 3%-15% per month.
Internal capital management by our traders reduces the risk of loss to a minimum.

Expected annual return:
Between 40% to 60% (*)

Expected annual maximal drawdown
(Expected max.relative drawdown) : 10%(*)

Performance fee:
50% of profits on accounts based on the “High Water Mark” principle.

Minimum capital requeriment:

Maximum capital allowed:
No limit

Maximum historical drawdown (Max. historical relative DD) : 

Risk Profile


The above data are related to possible profits and/or losses and are purely informative and statistical in nature. the information is based on estimates. Taking into account what happened in the past applying the same trading strategy.

The data published in the above lines on the specifications on PAMM profit/loss or security limits refer to the master account that drives trades to PAMM through an internal copying process.