About broker

No, we believe that for the moment we can offer more advantages as an unregulated broker, but we plan to become regulated when we see the opportunity to keep the advantages and also to be regulated by some governmental entity

Please contact us at info@solidarymarketsfx.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Safety and Money

Very safe, as much or more than in any of the major international financial institutions. The liquidity is obtained from the most important providers in the market and thanks to that makes us one of the safest and most reliable brokers to invest with total peace of mind.

It is a very simple and important process for us because we know it is a very sensitive topic for any Trader. Follow these simple steps: Log in to your client area, in the menu on the left “Withdrawals” and select the option requesting the withdrawal. Fill in the form with the requested information.

Yes, the commissions charged by the payment gateways or the bank. We do not charge you any commission or expense for the movement to or from your account. We work daily to find the best conditions for our customers.


In the email we have sent you with the access data to your trading account, there is a link to download the platform. You can also download it from your client area, in the download section.

You will receive an email with the access data of your trading account, such as your login or account number and password. Once installed our platform you must enter these data that are automatically requested in the installation. If you have already opened the platform just go to the top right in “File”, in the drop-down “Connect to a trading account” and in the window that opens enter the data sent to your email.

From the time it arrives at our finance department, from 1 to 6 hours.

Yes, we will exchange currency at the market value of the day.

Yes, we will exchange currency at the market value of the day.

Yes, you can request it from your client area, “Trading Accounts” and in the drop-down menu “Change leverage”.

Our customer service department will be happy to help you. You can ask your questions in our Chat when available or send us an email.

Go to the “market watch” tab of MT4 or with your keyboard press Ctrl + M, right click on the window and select “show all”.

Our trading platform always displays the “Bid” price (i.e. the price at which we sell). Therefore the indicators are also based on that price unless specifically designed to take into account the spread.

Place the mouse over any chart that you have open on the trading platform screen. Click with the right mouse button and the “properties” dialog will appear. In it, you can enter “common” and there you will see an option that is “show demand line”. Select this option and you will see on the chart a line displaying the “ask” or “demand” price.

We have on our website a Spread comparator of the most important pairs in real time. You can also see it in your trading platform, in the “market watch” window or with your keyboard press Ctrl + M. A rectangular window will appear with all the pairs available. Right-click on it and select “Spread” in the drop-down menu, then in the market watch window you can see the real-time spread of all the pairs you have available.

About accounts

Your account will be operational in less than 24 hours after the documents have been sent. Of course you will need to fund your account to start trading.

Yes, up to 2 persons. The account opening form provides for this possibility. Supporting documents from all parties are required.

You can open it in US Dollars.

Yes, we will need a copy of the original deeds, proof of identity and proof of address of the representative or administrator. If there is more than one or several partners with more than 25% of the shares, proof of identity and proof of address of this or these partners is also required.

No. The money laundering prevention policy makes this possibility impossible.

Naturally, you must only have money in your old account or have traded on it. You only need to apply for it from your client area.

You have to send us all the relevant information that you want to be modified. You can contact us from your registration e-mail at

Yes, through the Metatrader4 App.

Our Demo accounts only expire when they have not been used for 30 If this situation happens to you, you just have to open a new account, it is not necessary to download the platform again, just go to the platform and in “File”, “Open an account” and follow the steps for the creation of a new demo account.

The prices quoted in the demo and real accounts are the same. On that side there is no big difference. The market gives everything, slow, abrupt, trend, range etc. and we don’t know when which one comes. The big difference between a demo and real account is the execution of orders. In a demo account the broker quotes you the prices and when you place an order the system accepts it immediately without confirming anything (there is no money involved) at the price you wanted. In a real account the system accepts your order, but has to execute it in the liquidity provider looking for the best option within the system. In this way the execution can incorporate a degree of slippage depending on the liquidity of the market at any given moment.

What we have to be clear is that a backtest is made with results that are already “written” (historical), and all the configurations that we make to our EAs or robots are on already known results, besides we have the interpolation of the candles as they are recreated. On the other hand, a Real account results are produced tick by tick, millisecond by millisecond, so we (and no one) knows what will happen in the future.

Yes, it is possible to log in to a live account from any computer that has a trading platform, or from any computer accessed from the WebTrader. You can even be logged in from different computers at the same time. Please be careful with usernames and passwords. If you save your trading platform password on any particular computer that has access to it you will be able to trade on your account.

Yes, it is possible and we do NOT charge any commission for it. You only have to request it from your client area, side menu, internal transfer.

About trading

Yes, through the Metatrader4 App.

Each broker has small differences in the signal it provides to its clients or “feed”. These small differences cause the indicators (very sensitive in some cases) to give signals that are interpreted by EAs as possible entries in one broker while in another they do not reach the values determined to be considered as a valid entry. Another reason for the difference is the value of the spread. In this case the logic is that there are more entries as the average value of the spreads is much lower.

You must copy the file corresponding to the indicator (.ex4 or .mq4 extension) and paste it into your platform: File/Open data folder/MQL4/Indicator. Then restart your trading platform and when you open it again, the indicator you have loaded will appear in the “custom indicators” menu.

It stops working automatically. Trailing stops only work when the systems are connected.

Pending orders are stored on the broker’s server and will be executed if the price reaches the execution level, even if your platform is closed.

No. That is why we recommend the use of a VPS for trading with automatic strategies (EAs).

Yes, you can use all types of strategies as long as they do not condition in an abnormal way the proper functioning of our servers or involve arbitrage practices. Scalping and even impulsive scalping with very short trade durations are allowed.

There are many EAs that are very sensitive to spreads (especially scalping), where the slightest difference in the spread makes you enter or not in a trade, which can turn a winning trade into a losing one.

In our nomenclature the 0.01 lot position is a micro lot.

Yes, the most important in the market.

Yes, being XAUUSD for Gold and XAGUSD for Silver.

Nothing happens, they are still open. The only thing you have to take into account is that at the change of day the swap is charged or paid.

The Forex Market is open for trading 24/5. From Monday 00:05 to Friday 23:55 all our accounts are disabled for trading from 23:55 to 00:05 server time. This is a measure that has been taken to protect the operations that remain open from one day to another and that the closing of the interbank market does not affect them by the lack of liquidity. You will see the price move but no orders will be executed, including pending orders, SL and TP.


Our way of doing business in Forex trading is by buying and selling spot currencies. The buying and selling always ends up being done at financial institutions such as banks or prime brokers. The broker’s job is to route our clients’ orders to be conveniently executed at the liquidity providers (directly to the market).

This is a type of broker that is electronically connected to a network composed of both liquidity providers and other traders who are operating in the same market. When executing a client’s order, the ECN broker redirects that order to any of the elements that are available at that moment to effect the counterparty.

The acronym NDD stands for “No Dealing Desk”. It means that the broker in question, as in the case of Nexsson, does not have an “Execution Desk” that controls client orders and can therefore manipulate them to some extent. Execution desks are an essential feature of “Market Makers” brokers.

Forex STP (Straight Through Processing) brokers, such as ours, send orders directly from clients to liquidity providers, which operate in the interbank market. What makes the STP platform is the fact that traders have access to the real market and can execute trades faster.

We recommend all your clients to start trading through a Demo Account before acquiring a Live Account. It does not matter if you are an experienced Forex trader or not, as it is very important to familiarize yourself with the software and platform you will be using, as well as the procedures over the Internet, before working out any trading strategy. The easiest way to learn is to use a Demo account before opening a Live account. The spreads on our Demo Platform are exactly the same as those available to our clients in live trading. The Demo will allow you to see from the very beginning the consistency of the spreads offered and at the same time, test the possibility to trade in real time.

Margin is money you need to have in your brokerage account to secure your open position.

No. The Broker will not allow you to lose more than the available funds in your trading account. It will simply close your losing position, when the available margin is less than the set minimum.

FIFO is an abbreviation of the First In First Out rule that indicates that positions are closed in the order they were opened. The FIFO rule, although being used by many brokers before and being the usual way of working of ECN brokers, became popular when the CFTC made it mandatory for all US brokers. The First In First Out rule has important implications on the way many traders previously conducted their trading. For example, if you had a buy and a sell trade on the same currency pair, you could previously manage them as separate positions. With the FIFO rule, if you open more than one trade in the same currency pair, the positions from both are aggregated into one trade. For example, if you open a buy and a sell trade with the same number of lots, the trader would be left with a position of 0 (zero) in that currency pair, i.e., by selling the same number of lots for which it was previously bought, the net position is zero because the buy trade would be cancelled (closed). Similarly, if one buys for 1 lot and sells 2 lots in the same currency pair, the trader’s net position would be to sell 1 lot. As a practical matter, most US retail brokers still allow separate positions in the same pair although the broker’s accounting is the one that carries the aggregate positions.