EAs Certification Program

At Solidary Markets we want to strengthen the development and use of the new EAs.

The EA developer may open an EA`s Certification Program Account to test his strategy live with minimum capital requirements.

The trading conditions are the same as in the Founders account.

At an EA´s developers request Solidary Markets may supply a VALIDATION CERTIFICATE as the proof that the data in this account are REAL.

In this way you will have a powerful tool to show the Forex community the validity of your EA without a shadow of a doubt.

Solidary Markets will also grant FOR FREE some Certification Accounts with real money in them to people requesting them.

The Solidary Markets team will assess with you the potential of your EA and decide to give you the chance to operate your EA in a Certification Program account in a FREE VPS where ONLY you will access.

You may contact us for more information by email: support@solidarymarkets.com