Our "Decalogue" (Solidary Markets principles)

  • The Solidary Markets FX is a team of Forex brokers traders. All the company personnel maintain real live accounts open and operates regularly, which gives us excellent feedback about the operations and improvement possibilities. There is no inconsistency in it because we operate as a bridge witrh the interbank market and not as a market maker.
  • In Solidary Markets FX there is no privileged information. What we see we give to our clients.
  • We want our success as brokers to be based on the success of the trader but we know we cannot “make” him be successful.
  • We provide friendly, fast and effective communication between the trader and the market.
  • The market can be full of surprises. The broker cannot.
  • We believe in the need to reverse what the market gives us in solidarity to those who do not have the same opportunities.
  • We believe that the Forex market, the buying and selling of currency and the economic movements generated by markets, when dealing it comes to ethics and professionalism should be advantageous for the whole economy.
  • The welcome bonuses, gifts and contests are fine. However, the instantaneous execution, the ultra-low spread and the effectiveness and efficiency of the support team are much better.
  • The request for the withdrawal of funds that the client has generated is the most important priority for the company. We know what it is like to wait for money and the stress this can bring. We want this process to be normal and with no surprises.
  • We are committed to exploring with the client the best solution for each problem that the operation may generate. Solutions always but miracles…only sometimes!!!

And we must also bear in mind that mit is financial markets that have made the economic growth and prosperity of nations possible, ultimately because someone must be responsible for providing, financing and managing the capital of what is known as a productive economy.